Why people choose Lakewood Dental

Lakewood Dental Centre is one of the long established dental practices in Wanneroo and has now been revitalised by our lovely dentist Dr Sherry Wong

Why choose us?

  • Very kind, patient and gentle dentist – this means limited pain during and after procedures.
  • Emergency extraction experts – Dr Sherry is very good at extracting even the trickiest of teeth. Her small hands mean that she has developed an extra special technique for coercing the tooth out, many patients comment that they don’t even feel it. This also means that if you need difficult or wisdom teeth surgery, she can do it in at the practice and only needs to refer you if you require general anaesthetic with an oral surgeon. 
  • We are the dentist for sooks – nervous patients are very welcome and extra time is given to relax you and reassure you during treatment. If you need a little extra “help” then we have the option of nitrous oxide (happy gas!) or Penthrox (also happy gas, but in whistle form). 
  • Staff that listen – if you have any concerns then let us know. If it takes longer for you to go numb, then Sherry will give you extra time and extra anaesthetic. If cost is an issue, we will discuss all treatment and timing so that you know what you are paying for upfront. If you can’t stand the probe, we will limit contact. If you don’t like the texture of cotton wool, then we won’t put it in your mouth. We personalise our service to your needs!
  • No judgement – Dr Sherry sees lots of teeth everyday and understands that everyone has a different story. She won’t tell you off for not flossing or judge you for your mouth. In fact, she will commend you for making it onto the chair (we know how hard it is to come in and how busy life can be) because her job is to help you!
  • Appointments available at short notice – we will often keep emergency spots open on the day so that you are able to be seen within at least 48 hours.
  • Consistently punctual –  we know your time is precious so your appointment time is strictly adhered to! We run early as possible and in the rare event that we are a little bit late, every effort will be taken to contact you and communicate this, even giving an accurate time estimate.
  • Extended consultations and examinations – This means more time to discuss treatment and ask any questions. It also gives us time to perform treatment on the day if necessary.
  • Exceptional follow up care – if you have any problems following a procedure then we will review you without charge and try get you in on the day. We feel that this is part of our service as health care providers, just to make sure that you are okay. This includes problems following extractions, fillings (within 6 months), crowns and denture adjustments.
  • All female staff – this adds a little kindness to our service and also makes us excellent communicators. Feel free to have a friendly chat about anything and everything (not just about teeth).
  • Child and baby friendly – Sherry loves seeing children for their first and following dental visits! Her fulltime nurse Jasmine is also great with kids from her time spent with the child dental vans and therapy centres. Feel free to bring your baby along if you need to, we are women who understand and are not bothered by child and baby noise.
  • Supporting local technicians –  Dr Sherry insists on using Perth local technicians for the making of crowns and dentures so you know that you are paying for Australian quality. Unfortunately, dentistry is now becoming more corporate and profit focussed. Dentists now have the option to outsource to China and Korea to have their crowns and other lab work made! This does make dentistry cheaper, but we at Lakewood would prefer to provide high quality and value.
  • Latest knowledge and products – Sherry attends many courses and extra reading to ensure that all the materials used for procedures are always the best and latest on the market. This also means that she is up to date on the latest dentistry techniques which she will use in her everyday practice.
  • Free and easy parking
  • EFTPOS/HICAPS machine – We are HBF and HCF preferred providers, but have the HICAPS system so members of all health funds can claim off their treatment on the day. Our terminal also supports the new Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme so if you bring your Medicare Card, bulk billing can be claimed on the spot. 




Some of the quotes we have heard in our rooms at Lakewood Dental Centre:

  • “Best needle giver ever!”
  • ” You’re very gentle thankyou!”
  • “Oh, is the tooth out already?!” (this one is very common)
  • “I love the dentist!” (usually said by patients under 5 years old)

So when you need a dentist in Wanneroo (or the surrounding suburbs of Kingsley, Padbury, Craigie, Edgewater, Woodlands, Heathridge, Darch, Tapping, Hocking, Pearsall, Ashby, Sinagra, Carramar, Neerabup) or are travelling to find a good dentist (we have patients come from as far away as Lancelin, Two Rocks, Rivervale, Rockingham, Gosnells, and Dianella) come see us!

Give the team at Lakewood Dental Centre a call today (08) 9405 1305 to book in your appointment with dentist Dr Sherry Wong!

New patients and emergencies are very welcome!

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